11 June 2019

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Summer Tutor

Summer has arrived, and it's not too late to make plans for your kids' activities. Even if they already have a camp, sports and vacations planned, there is one more thing you should consider this summer. Summer tutoring is an activity that can benefit any school age child. Here are the top three reasons to schedule some tutoring sessions right away. There online sites to help you get set up with a tutor like tutoo.

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Education researchers have been studying the problem of summer learning loss as far back as 1906. Research says that taking months off from learning can cause students to lose a great deal of the information and study skills they learned over the school year. A few regular sessions with a tutor over the summer can help a student stay current with their information and retain what they've already learned.

Increased Confidence During the School Year

Studying during the summer can put your child ahead of the game for next year. Getting a head start can drastically improve their learning confidence when they start school again, and confident students learn more, enjoy their studies more, and do better on tests.

Ease School Transitions

If your child is moving from elementary school to middle school or from middle school to high school, summer studies are especially important. Changing schools can be a scary time for kids, and if the actual school work is more comfortable for them, they can focus on other things like making new friends and settling into a new environment.

These are only three of the great reasons to put your kids in a tutoring program. How about you, do your kids go to tutoring during the summer? How does it work out for them? Comment below... 

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