18 February 2019

Tips for Better Skin After Menopause

Due to your changing hormones, Menopause can greatly affect the health, condition and appearance of your skin. There are a few changes you'll notice, thinning skin, lack of elasticity and dryness. These changes can cause your skin to appear more wrinkled, cause more skin sagging and even cause eczema symptoms. There are a few tips for caring for your skin during this time of your life that you'll want to follow.

Use a Gentler Moisturizing Cleanser

To fight the dryness, find a creamy formula cleanser that's specifically for drier skin and ideally one that includes an added moisturizer. Foam and gel cleansers are more likely to cause dryness and you can always benefit from that added moisturizer.

Don't Skimp on the SPF

Your skin is thinner now and has less ability to fight the damaging rays of the sun on it's own. Make sure you get a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher and get one specifically for your face that's separate from your body sunscreen. Sunscreen's made specifically for your face will be less creasy and very often contain their own moisturizer.

Boost Your Diet

Diet does affect the health of your skin. Add brightly colored fruits and vegetables as well as other antioxidant packed foods to strengthen the collagen in your skin.

Stressed Out Skin

Don't let your body, your mind or your skin stress out! Stress does do heavy damage to your skin, making it drier, more sensitive and even causing it to break out. Get enough rest and try relaxing activities like yoga, Pilates and medication or just curl up with a good book and a cat!

Get that Beauty Sleep         

They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Sleep really does recharge your body and your mind, including your skin. Getting enough sleep and rest during the night as well as the day will help level out your hormones and your metabolism and keep your skin as fresh as it can be. As well as beating back those dark under eye circles!

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