28 February 2019

How I Make $500 a Month Petting Dogs

So if you don't me personally, let me tell you, dogs are my life! Literally, I love dogs beyond reason. I love my own dogs, other peoples dogs, every single dog I see on the street. I will greet a dog before I greet their human, all the time. So that means, when looking for side hustles or part-time jobs to supplement my income, I often look for anything involving dogs. I was absolutely blessed when I came upon Rover. I didn't know that people would pay you real money to love on their dog!

So even if you are not as dog-obsessed as I am, as long as you're good with animals then you can make just as much or much more than I do on Rover. Rover is a pet sitting broker type site. You create a profile, put up your prices and availability and then Rover puts you in a directory of pet sitters for your area. You don't even need to advertise, they pretty much do it all for you, you just wait for the requests to come in. Plus, it's completely free to have a profile, they just take a small percentage of your fee when you actually sit. Totally worth it. So there are a few types of sitting jobs you can get. 

Sitting in Your Home

You can pet sit animals overnight in your home. This generally is better paying than Drop-In Visits and walks, but you may want to charge less for this than sitting in their home, as it's more inconvenient to bring an animal to your home. If you have space and ability to do this, this is a popular option and you will pick up a lot more jobs for this. 

Sitting at Their Home

Some animals feel more comfortable in their own home and owners on vacation will want you to stay in their home to watch the animal. This is especially popular with owners that have multiple animals and other types of animals like birds and fish. 

Drop-In Visits

Drop-In visits are what I do. I make $500 or more a month solely on doing drop-in visits. I don't have the ability to have other animals in my home or stay overnight in someone's home. So I drop in! Owners that work during the day or are going on day trips will have me drop in and spend 30 minutes feed, watering, playing with and taking care of their pets. 

Dog Walking

Some dogs need to be actually walked. Especially in the city. I know a sitter that makes her side hustle strictly walking dogs. She gets her exercise while getting paid for it by the hour! Much better deal than paying a gym to let you exercise. 

Other Animals

Rover is strictly meant for dogs. However, I do sit several animals that are not dogs and book them through Rover. You just need to make sure to put it in your profile that you're available and communicate with the owners if you have special prices for these types of pets or multiple animals. Currently, I sit not only dogs but cats, fish, birds, chickens and even a giant 100-year-old tortoise that lives in a pen on a large property. 

Your Profile

Once you've signed up for Rover, you'll want to fill your profile. To get the best jobs, be open, honest and put up lots of pictures of you, your animals and any animals you've sat for in the past. Contact people that know you're an ability with animals and ask them to leave testimonials. 

Your Pricing

Pricing is one of the best things about Rover. You set your own prices. I highly recommend searching Rover for pet sitters in your area and checking out their prices. However, the aim here is not to undercut people. People who love their pets enough to pay for a sitter will pay for a quality sitter. They're not looking for the lowest price, but the best sitter. You may need to price a little lower to get started to get reviews, but once you're an established sitter, price according to your area and make sure to include your cost of gas etc. when considering the price. 

Getting The Best Jobs

Once you're signed up for Rover, you've filled out your profile and you've set your prices. Now it's time to get the petsitting jobs. Although you don't have to, you can share your Rover link on social media sites, craigslist and other internet spots. You can even get business cards with your link. However, the best way to get jobs is via word of mouth and testimonials. Once you get your first job, show up on time, be good to the animals, communicate often with your clients. Once you start getting good reviews, the jobs will flood in. 

Also, I live in the country in a rural area with less than 1,800 people. It doesn't matter if you're in the big city or the middle of nowhere, there are pets everywhere and people love their pets!

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