12 March 2018

Losing Weight in 2018

In an effort to remain accountable this year, I'm shaking up the blog. No longer will it just be reviews and recommendations, tips and tricks, now we're getting personal.

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It's March of 2018 and the year has started off pretty badly. Even though I try to remain an optimist and choose joy every day, the hits just keep coming. So far.

1. I lost my job and have no current prospects for a new one.
2. I weight the most I've ever weighed.
3. My favorite Aunt, really my second Mommy, had a major stroke and then was admitted for a heart valve failure that will require open heart surgery tomorrow.
4. I no longer have medical insurance and the prospects for future medical insurance are looking dim until I find a new job.

Needless to say, the year is going downhill already.

And so! What to do? I've decided to start with things I can control.

Number one is my weight! No one can fix my obesity for me, no one can make that change but me. So I'm working on the change, one baby step at a time... And I've decided to share my progress here on the blog. The only way it's going to work this time, over all others, is if I remain accountable to someone. And so, I have decided to remain accountable to everyone.

Step 1.
Step 2.
Give up Dr. Pepper
Step 3.
Make good choices
Step 4.
Move more

And that's it, that's all I plan to do. Let's see if it works!

Step 1. So far I've tracked three days in a row. I'm using the Lose It app, premium version. It's simple, cheap and there aren't too many bells and whistles to worry about. I'm tracking the good with the bad. I don't care if it's a glass of water or a Cadbury egg, it's going in there. So far so good.

Step 2.
Give up Dr. Pepper. This is the hardest one. I'm a hardcore addict. An average of 6 can's per day, no less has been my regimen for 5 years. (Probably the main reason I weigh so much). As of three days ago, I cut it down to 3 per day and I've been religiously tracking them. So far so good. My head hurts, I'm so sleepy, but just three! Once I get through the detox pain of cutting in half. I'll take it down another and another until they're all gone!

Step 3.
Make good choices. I've been trying hard on this one. Not choosing diet food for every meal, but the better choice of every meal. Soft chicken tacos instead of hard shell tacos. More carrots then meat at dinner. Fruit instead of candy for dessert.

Step 4. Move more. This is the hardest for me because it's painful and exhausting to move at this weight, but every day I try to move a little more. Yesterday I didn't stop, cleaning house, sanding wood for projects in the garage and just generally getting off my chair more. I moved so much I hurt when I went to bed.

Day 4
I've lost 4.8 pounds in 4 days. I know that will taper off and that's only due to the mass amount of sugar detox, but it's a good start!

What do you think? Can I do it?

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  1. Good on you for taking initiative in such a crappy time of your life. Keep up the great work!
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com