24 February 2018

The Vegan Holiday Cookbook by Marie Laforet

the vegan holiday

First, let me say the Porcini Mushroom Risotto is literally the creamiest, tastiest thing you'll have all year! I don't care if you're Vegan or a ravenous carnivore, you're going to love this Risotto. Ditto for the Mushroom and Walnut Ravioli and the Orange Carrot Cake. Everything in this book is so lusciously delicious. 

The book itself is paperback, but it's a larger edition high-quality paperback so it will definitely last. Each page has gorgeous food porn style photos. These are photos that you want to practically sink your teeth into. 

I can't recommend this book enough. As a cookbook collector, I love having this in my collection. I'm not even VEGAN! But this book is packed full of deliciousness for everyone!

Disclaimer: A free copy of The Vegan Holiday Cookbook was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% as always. 

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