05 February 2018

Paisley Rabbit the Treehouse Contest Review

Paisley Rabbit is reminiscent of the anthropomorphic books I used to read a child like Peter Rabbit and Winnie the Poo, but with a Modern twist. Paisley Rabbit lives with her Mom Rabbit and her little brother. Her little brother is in bedridden with kidney disease and needs a new kidney. This is probably the first children's book I've ever read that features both animals as the main characters and discusses such a serious topic like a child/animal with a serious illness. I found it to be refreshing, it wasn't dealt with in a really sad way, but in a way that could lead to future discussions between parents and children.

The main storyline is a treehouse contest between the neighborhood children, however, Paisley has a disadvantage in that she doesn't have a father to help her build the treehouse. This is an other good talking point for kids and adults as it brings up things like single parent families and the roles of Men and Women. Couldn't the Mom Rabbit help her build a treehouse?

In the end Paisley Rabbit steps up and manages to win the treehouse contest through her own hard work, intelligence and innovative thinking.

This is a sweet little children's story featuring forest animals with human traits, but it has some really great twists and turns that make for a good family reading time.

Disclaimer: A free copy of Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest was provided for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own as always.

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