06 February 2018

Free Custom Crossword Puzzles

I recently interviewed for a position as a customer service representative for a website that produces custom crossword puzzles.  For a small fee you can purchase each crossword puzzle seperately or you can purchase a monthly unlimited subscription. The position wasn't a fit for me, but it did get me thinking. Custom crossword puzzles are such a great idea. You can use them for baby showers, wedding showers, classroom projects, homeschool, corporations or more. I kept thinking though that there had to be somewhere on the web where you could make crossword puzzles for free. Why would you pay when you can get them free right?

I found all sorts of places you can make them for free! Here are the best ones I've found so far.

The Teachers Corner
This one is the best so far, far superior to the paid services, this one allows you to not only create the puzzles, but you can add images, change colors and choose fonts. Plus the site has many other free pintables, like worksheets and coloring pages!

Tools for Educators
This one allows you make crosswords and use images for hints in the puzzles if you like. Totally free!

Discovery Education
Discovery Education has a free custom crossword maker as well as numerous other resources for parents or teachers.

AtoZ Teacher Stuff
AtoZ allows you to make very simple crossword puzzles and has a very simple interface to use.

Crossword Labs
This one allows you to either print your custom puzzles or fill them out and solve them right online!

In my search I found dozens of other completely free puzzle makers, not only for Crossword Puzzles, but you can make your own word searches, double puzzles, word scrambles, word searches and more. All completely free!

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