26 January 2018

Top Five Thrift Store Finds

Thriftng is more than just an occasional jaunt for our family. We thrift every weekend. Our thrift day starts early in the morning. We eat breakfast, feed all of the animals and then off we go! We start and one end of town and make our way through all of the thrift stores in town one at a time, hitting random garage sales in between. Luckily we live in a tiny town that is packed with thrift stores.

thrift store

So we can easily hit 6-7 thrift stores all in one day and rarely spend more than $20 for the whole day. As super serious thrifters, we have come to learn some things bout thrifting, what to buy, what's a good price and when to buy. I'm going to let you in on a few secrets. Today, let's talk about 10 things you should look for when you go thrifting.

Used Cookbooks

photo by: Tim Sackton

Since we a a food loving household and I love to cook, I do collect cookbooks. I have several shelves of them so far. The thrift store is an absolute treasure trove of cookbooks. In my area, depending on the store you can get cookbooks for anywhere between .25 cents and $2 each. I love picking up gorgeous, like new cookbooks full of color photos that usually go for $25 and up for less than a $1. At those prices, you can afford to collect a lot of them!

Picture Frames

picture frames
Art and picture frames are ridiculous in the regular department stores. We always buy our frames at the thrift store. You can buy frames that are empty or frames that already have pictures in them and re-purpose them for your own uses. We pay anywhere from .25 cents to $6 a piece for frames depending on the size, material and condition. Frames can be used as is, you can add your own art, add pictures, your kids art, make shadow boxes, the uses are endless. We've painted them, stained them, we have one wall that is entirely done in handmade Star Wars art with used picture frames and we spent less than $6 on the entire set.

Yarn for Crocheting and Knitting

basket of yarn

I'm a crocheter and a crafter and as a result, I'm a collector of yarn. Once you get started, you can never get enough. Luckily you can pick up yarn at thrift stores pretty easily. I pick up full skeins, sets of skeins of the same color and even full bags of yarn in coordinating colors. Many people donate yarn and it lasts pretty much forever so I'm able to get pretty vintage colors as well as more modern colors and textures. I pick up yarn from .25 cents a skein to $5 for a whole bag. The price you pay depends on what it's worth to you for that particular yarn. The yarn I get at thrift store is the same quality as the yarn Michaels carries for anywhere between $4 and $12 a skein.

Nerf Guns

nerf guns

Although there are tons of other things we rely on thrift stores for, I don't want to go on forever! So we'll wrap up this post with Nerf Guns. No matter what size boy you have, from 5 to 55, boys love their Nerf Guns. We're able to pick up Nerf Guns in perfect working condition from $1 to $10 depending on the size and type. We've gotten a Nerf machine gun normally worth $100 for $10 and dozens and dozens of Mavricks, normally around $15 for only $1 a piece. You can store these up for regular play time, throw Nerf parties or load them up with ammo and re-sell them. They're a great thrift store find. The one drawback is that they never come with Ammo when they're used. However, Amazon has refill packs of Nerf Ammo pretty cheap and it's always something you need to replace anyway since the kids lose this part.

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