17 January 2018

The Battle of Junk Mountain by Lauren Greenberg

the battle of junk mountain

About The Battle of Junk Mountain

Twelve-year-old Shayne Whittaker has always spent summers on the Maine coast, visiting her grandmother Bea and playing with her BFF Poppy. Both Shayne and Bea are collectors, in their own ways: Shayne revels in golden memories of searching for sea glass and weaving friendship bracelets with Poppy, while Bea scours flea markets for valuable finds, much of which she adds to a growing pile in her house that Shayne jokingly calls Junk Mountain.

This summer, though, everything has changed. Poppy would rather talk about boys than bracelets, and Bea's collecting mania has morphed into hoarding. Only Linc, the weird Civil War-obsessed kid next door, pays attention to her. Turns out Linc's collected a secret of his own, one that could enrage the meanest lobsterman on the planet, his grandpa. What begins as the worst summer of Shayne's life becomes the most meaningful, as she wages an all-out battle to save her friendships, rescue her grandmother, and protect the memories she loves the most.

Review The Battle of Junk Mountain

This is sweet middle school summer read! The protagonist, 12-year-old Shayne draws you in with a heart full of goodness and a desire to have a good time. She's got some obstacles in her way this summer with a sick grandma, a best friend that's going up to fast a a cranky neighbor to tend with. Shayne handles it with a good attitude and a good heart. This a feel good summer read with a nice little ending and a lot of good discussion points about friendship and growing up. Highly recommend this one!

Disclaimer: A free copy of this book was provided for my review. All opinions are 100% my own as always. 

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