Chickens 101: The Best Chicken Waterers - Reviews

After several months with our chickens, we've tried several different watering methods, from small waterers when they were chicks, to larger waterers to home made waterers. Here are the three waterers we've used the longest and how we feel about each.

chicken waterer
We started with 6 day old chicks and a quarter waterer like the one pictured above. For baby chicks, this was perfect. I could fill it up, screw on the botttom and put it right in the bottom of their nesting box. It lasted at least 24 hours for the smallest chicks and I was changing it every 12 hours or so as the got bigger. You can buy one like this on Amazon if you don't have a local feed store or tractor supply. I found the price was cheapest at my local feed store. It has the bonus of being dishwasher safe so I recommend two so you can clean one and use one.

water your chickens
As the chickens got bigger (and they get bigger very fast), they outgrew this one and ran out of water too fast. At around 4-6 weeks, we moved the chickens outside to their coop and got a bigger waterer.
Our next purchase was this 1.6 gallon waterer. There were several drawbacks to this one. First of all, it was all but impossible for me to open once it was dry. It's hard to grab  a hold of the two pieces and twist them apart, especially if you have arthritis or problems with your hands. My husband had to open it every time for me. Also, once the chicks were too big for the small waterer, they were really too big for this one also, I had to fill it twice a day. We switched pretty quickly.

chicken water cups

This is the final solution we went with for chickens over 8 weeks of age. It's worked really well so far and was a very inexpensive solution. We took a 5-gallon feed bucket from tractor supply and cleaned it out. Drill a couple of wholes in the side and screw these right in. We did use plumbers tape around the inside of the hole to make it water tight. It does take a few tries for the chickens to get used to using it. However, after a few times of me filling the water cup for them, the got the idea and now use it every day. This is the best watering solution by far. It's the cheapest, you have to fill it less often and the water stays cool and clean all the time, unlike the other waterers which were always dirty. 

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