27 September 2017

Kneipp Lime, Mint & Guarana Body Wash Review

About Kneipp Body Wash

Give yourself a dose of fresh verve and new vigor. The KNEIPP LIME, MINT & GUARANA BODY WASH - "JUMPSTART" with lime, mint and guarana perks you up and refreshes your senses with its lively scent. This soapfree and pH-balanced formula cleanses gently, leaving skin soft and supple. The plant-derived conditioning formula improves the feel of the skin during and after showering. One study additionally confirms that the skin is prevented from drying out.

Review of Jumpstart Body Wash by Kneipp

I found Kniepp body wash to be a nice fresh start to my day. I usually use a heavier and sweet scent like Vanilla. I found the spicer Lime, Mint and Guarana scent to more of a kick start. It smells of foreign tea shops and reminds me of traveling to new places where the restaurants have new smells that you don't quite place, but really love. 

The body wash itself doesn't have much lather, but goes pretty far and you don't need to use much with each wash. I also used it for shaving my legs and it produced a nice smooth shave surface. I love the fact that it's not tested on animals and is totally vegan!

Disclaimer: A free bottle was provided by Kneipp for my review. All opinions are 100% my own as always. 

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