07 September 2017

DII Bone Dry, Woodland Friends Squeaking Dog Toys Review

Dog Toy Review

DII Bone Dry Flat Body Squeaking Pet Toy

About Flat Squeaking Pet Toy

(Directly from Amazon.com Description)
Bone Dry loves pets! Our woodland friends collection of squeaking dog toys is a great way to bond with your furry pal. Buy one or a pair today to make tails wag and dog owners smile. Our squeaky dog toys provide comfort and satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew. Encourage your dog to chew on our DII Bone Dry woodland friends pet toys instead of your furniture and belongings. With 8 woodland characters to choose from in different toy styles our DII Bone Dry toys are great for hours of fun. Perfect for your pooch to entertain themselves or a bonding experience with you and your pet. To view our entire selection of pet products search: DII Bone Dry or visit our brand page by clicking the Bone Dry link at the top of the page. Our pet products include: fabric and wicker storage baskets, pet beds, ceramic food bowls, drying mitts and towel, pet blankets & more!

Review of Squeaking Pet Toy

These flat squeaking toys have the best of all of the features my dogs love on toys.
1. They have crinkly bodies. My pups love crinkles!
2. They have squeakers.. again a puppy favorite.
3. They have lots of bits to chew on, ears, tails, limbs with different fabrics and feels to keep the pups from getting board.
3. The flat bodies are a bonus, no stuffing all over the house! (The heads do have some stuffing, but not much). The flat bodies make it easier for the smaller dogs to carry around and the toy lasts much longer than the fully stuffed ones that they pull apart and disintegrate instantly.
All around great toys.

Disclaimer: A free toy was provided for my review. All opinions are 100% my own as always. 

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