Why You Should Read Everything by Tom Corson-Knowles

I make it a point to try everything I recommend. Sometimes, publishes and PR Reps are nice enough to send me products I would never think about trying and I end up loving them. These books are not those products!

These are books I came upon myself on Amazon when I was commuting and promptly read every single one. Even to this day, I immediately purchase and read anything published by Tom Corson-Knowles. These books are all just gold mines of good information and they will make you money if you put the tips to work!

I've made over $4,000 over the course of the lifetime sales of my eBooks and everything I learned to publish and write them I learned from the books below. Plus they are all super cheap or some are even free on Amazon to read in eBook/Kindle form.

The Kindle Bible

Kindle Bible 2

kindle guru

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