BEDDI Charge by Witti Review

beddi alarm

WITTI - BEDDI Charge | Alarm Clock with Night Light & 3 USB Port Charging Station

About the BEDDI Clock

  • Wake Up Naturally -- with gradual alarm sound
  • Charge All of your Devices -- with 3 charging USB ports for your iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android phones & tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and other devices (3A Share)
  • Easy to Read Display -- with fully dimmable clock face and 3 level adjustable clock face brightness (high / low / off)
  • Convenient Lighting for your Bedside -- with adjustable multi-color Mood and Night lights
  • Worry Free -- with battery back-up (included) so alarm will sound even during power outage

Review BEDDI Clock

We set this up on our brand new headboard shelf and we're loving it so far. I didn't see what was so special about this until I hit the lights and started playing around with the buttons. There are a lot of cool features here and it's more than worth the $29.99 purchase price. 


  • 3 USB ports on the clock so you can charge two phones a tablet right on the clock
  • Multicolored mood light that rotates colors
  • Dimmable clock face
  • Four-alarm snooze feature

My favorite feature is the 4 alarm snooze. I have a huge problem with oversleeping and the only way I can wake up is to set my clock super early and wake up slowly with several alarms. The Beddi charge is perfect for that. Not to mention, we can now charge our phones right on the headboard and don't have to set them up in the bathroom which is the next nearest charger! So pleased with this clock.   Five Stars!\

Disclaimer: Received a free clock in exchange for an honest review. 

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