10 Things I Learned About Texas in 24 Hours

texas is hot

I recently had the opportunity to visit Dallas, Texas for the first time last week. Unfortunately, I was only able to stay about 24 hours for a business meeting. However, I did learn few things about Texas!

1. It's HOT
2. The people are the nicest you'll ever meet. At least all of the ones I met. 
3. It's HOT. 
4. The food is amazing! Try Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen! I had the Alligator Appetizer and Catfish Fillets. 
5. The freeways are the most confusing roads you'll ever meet and it will take forever to get anywhere.. I got lost 6 times in 24 hours. 
6. It's BIG. They're not lying, it's super big. The Airport, the hotels, the roads, the skyline, everything is just really big!
7. It's HOT. (Seriously, what the heck Texas? It's February.)
8. Gas is very cheap. 
9. Texan's might not fit in your stereotypes. I see more cowboy hats, big trucks and boots in San Francisco than I saw in Dallas. Maybe they were in hiding?

10. Still, did I mention the nicest people you'll ever meet?

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