18 January 2017

The One Taken from the Sea of Stars by Octavia Davis

The One Taken from the Sea of Stars Description

Set in 2040 London, England, The One Taken from the Sea of Stars is the first installment of a three-part series chronicling Martin Keating. 

Since the death of his longtime girlfriend and fiancĂ© five years prior, 32-year-old Martin Keating ceases socializing for the most part. When he is not at home drinking and watching television, he sits in front of his computer answering IT questions or visiting a customer’s home to repair computers. But his life takes an interesting detour when he finds a tiny Shuluan woman named Lianna in his messenger bag after visiting an exotic shop selling extraterrestrials. What follows is a series of events that involve alien rights activists, an underhanded exotic pet owner, and a powerful alien trafficker only known as The Baron.

The One Taken from the Sea Stars Book Review

First of all, I love Science Fiction, so I've read a lot of it. I feel like this gives me a good reader perspective on good Science Fiction. I would consider this a really good Science Fiction contribution. I loved little Lianna, she's an absorbing character. Octavia Davis is talented in world creation as I really felt like I was tipped into an alternate Universe. The character development is excellent and makes you really feel for the characters. Since my favorite books are series books or trilogy books, I didn't mind the cliffhanger ending one bit! 

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