07 May 2014

My Beautiful DIY Canning Jar Lamp

So many of you know that I am a Canning Fanatic. After going Pinterest and Etsy strolling for a few hours... I've been practically drooling over the hanging canning jar lamps floating around. I didn't want to spend several hundred dollars for one though and it seems like something you should definitely make yourself. So we did! Or mainly, I designed what I wanted and bought the materials and my husband used his amazing DIY skills to make it for me.

It started with a wire laundry basket and some canning jars I already had in the kitchen at home. We cleaned them well of course!

He used a dremel to take off the metal handle at the top and then used some pliers to piece together and attach some chain we bought for .50 cents a foot at the hardware store. 

Next he screwed the lids to a piece of wood to hold them in place and drilled out holes for the lighting fixtures. The screw holes serve dual purpose as vent holes when you take the screws out.

Then my hard working contribution! I got to screw the lighting hardware on the lids!

Then my husband used his magical electrical skills to rig all the wires together!

You'll see from the hanging version, my husband cut a beveled piece of wood to put in the bottom. The jars were very unsteady, so he hot glued the bottoms to the wood for security. 

And LET THERE BE LIGHT! I love it. It's so beautiful and it's a handmade project that was so fun to do together. 


  1. What a great idea! Glad you came up with a good solution that was reasonable!

  2. wow very cool! I am not sure i can be this creative but it's worth a shot! #tbtlinkup

  3. Very cute! I wish my hubby was that handy. :-) #TBTlinkup

  4. Very cute! I wish my husband was that handy. :-) #TBTlinkup

  5. Love this idea....now to get my husband to be that handy....

  6. What an awesome idea! Love this...great job... new follower from the wake up wednesday link up!

    Beauty By Jennafer


  7. Very helpful guy you have, my husband can hardly manage a hammer. But we call my son "Macgyver" her does everything!!

    Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday.

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