29 May 2014

Kitty's Kitchen in Manteca, CA - A Glowing Review...

I don't usually post about local places since most of my readers are not local. This place is so great though that I have to share. I suggest you either make it a point to drive through Manteca, CA one day and stop here to eat... or find a place just like it near you!

The first thing you have to know about Kitty's is that it's a hidden gem. It's located in a strip mall on main street along with a Dollar General, a pizza place, a cheap hair salon and a ghost town like closed up Blockbuster Video. You would literally never notice it if you didn't know about it. She has a small sign with her name up top and paper on the windows to block out the sun along with some flattened paper lanterns glued to the window for decor. The paper keeps you from seeing the dozens of diners that filter in and out throughout the day for her amazing food, most of them regulars. My husband and I go there at least once a week. We try to go on weekday nights because weekend nights are bustling and crowded in her small dining room.

The service is not quick, but it's personal. Sometimes Kitty's cute little girl will bring you silverware and your drinks if her parents are doing other things. Most of the time Kitty is cooking and her husband waits on you. He does it in his own time, but he's friendly and will remember you if you come in more than once. When we walk in, Kitty starts our appetizers before we order them. Her husband brings out one Diet Dr. Pepper and once regular Dr. Pepper, because that's what we always orders. Kitty will make special dishes off menu that my husband asks for and she usually has a suggestion for me about the next dish to try if she feels I'm getting too stuck in a rut with the same dish.

The dining area is small and cozy with several booths on the edges and three tables in the middle of the room. It's just big enough for the two of them to manage to serve and cook for everyone themselves. There is a flat screen on the wall which is usually turned to Food TV, which I love! I hate going to places where we get stuck watching sports, Kitty likes Food TV, so her customers love it too...

The food excellent. It's no where near the standard strip mall Chinese fare on chipped plastic plates with fried meat in overly sweet sauce. Kitty's food is high quality. She serves tender white meat chicken in her chicken dishes with light well done sauces and all of her food is plated on real plates in lovely yet simple ways. My favorite is the Green Bean Chicken with Fried Rice. My husband loves Kitty's Salt and Pepper chicken which is not even on the menu but a secret she keeps for those "in the know".

All in all, this post is making me hungry! Guess it will be Kitty's for date night tonight.


  1. Sounds great and always great to find these little local family places around one's hometown:) If we're ever in Manteca, we'll look it up.

  2. I love finding local hole-in-the-wall eateries like this. I'm not sure I'll ever make it out to CA, but it reminds me that it's worth to try out a local dive whenever you get the chance.


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