22 February 2013

Cooking 101 - Basics - Lesson 2 - Choosing Your Knives

Welcome to my new Cooking 101 series! 

The great thing about the internet is that you can learn ANYTHING for free. I'm going to go step by step, helping you learn to cook from internet resources.

Feel free to comment on what you'd like to learn next and ask questions in the comment section.
Cooking is an essential skill for living a frugal lifestyle and anyone can do it.

So we've learned all about Mise en Place, which is getting your recipes, tools and ingredients ready before hand. So onward and upward... the first thing we're going to get ready is our knives.

Welcome to our second lesson... Choosing Your Knives


I've cooked in all sorts of situations and using all sorts of tools. I've had to cook in a hotel room using knives from the dollar store and cooked with only a utlitly knife when camping. You can make due with anything, so don't think you have to buy the best quality knives out there before you learn to cook.

However, when you're ready to invest in a great set of cooking knives, it's important to know what you're doing. For this lesson, we're going to learn all about knives from the great science and cooking guru, Alton Brown. Check it out in the video below.

Additional Resources: 

Shun DMS300 Classic 3-Piece Boxed Cutlery Set
How to Choose a Chef's Knife

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