You know when you're driving along on the freeway on the way home, aimlessly looking out in front of you and you see the SUV in front of you with a couple of car seats and like 14 stick figure family people prancing across the back? Sometimes the stick figures are all wearing Mickey hats or one of them is in wheelchair or there might be one lone stick figure lady and 8 stick figure cats? OK, I made that last one up. 

The point is, I love those stick figure families. I want my own stick figure family! Unfortunately, my husband is not so into the stick figure representations of our world and refuses to let me have them on the back of the car window. 

Which is why I'm totally stoked to now have them in a necklace form! Yep, didn't know you could do that did you? Well you can. 

Sodderbug is this really cool site that will make you custom jewelry personalized with your own options! You can get photo necklaces or dog tags or my favorite, the little stick figure family, pressed daintily across a metal pendant. 

The one I got is a circle pendant with my little family and a hanging black bead in the middle. It's actually just my style and I was a bit surprised they were able to physically know this as the one I originally asked for was the rectangle! I like this one much better. 

Don' t you love my little figures, Hubby and Me and the Princess and our two puppy babies and kitty. And lots more room for more!