Frugal and FAST DIY shoe shelves

I have been wanting to do something with my pile of shoes on the bottom of my closet for some time now. Unfortunately, I have way too many to fit on a regular plastic shelf, plus I don't like the look or the cost of the standard shoe racks. A pinterest picture inspired me to request some custom built shelves from my husband. A few pieces of scrap wood and 45 minutes of time, and there they are, my new custom shoe shelves!

Here is the recipe for your own frugal shelves. You can change the size of the boards to fit your own space and resources.

Frugal and FAST DIY shoe selves 


1 1x6x8 (Cut in half)
1 1x4x8 (Cut in half)
6 medium sized L brackets
6 small sized L brackets
24 screws for the L brackets


1. Get handy hubby to install these for you

Note: If you do not have a handy hubby of your own, or if your handy hubby wants some step by step directions, email me at for some easy and FREE step by step .pdf directions.

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