Journal 10 Product Review

I love writing. Obviously, otherwise, why would I have a blog right? A blog is all about a space to put your writing of some sort. I also love the idea of journaling. Note that I said idea, not journaling itself. During my lifetime, I've started dozens of journals, in notbooks, expensive decorated journals and online. Every journal has a rocking 1st entry, another entry some days later, an apology entry for not writing more and then it drifts off into blank nothingness.

Yes, I most certaininly love the idea, but not the act. Somehow even though I desperately want to record my life events, I can't face down the blank page demanding to be filled. An article is one thing, an essay, a story, a blog post, these are all achievable, but a full page detailing my every thought, action and regretable choice for the day? It just never seems to happen.

This is why I absolutely love the new Journal 10 I was sent for review. It's a 10 year journal in one lovely book. And how do they fit 10 years in one book? Why by making each entry space very small! Each 4 line space has just enough space to record something for the day, but not enough space to be intimidating.

I've already written more journal entries than I have in any other journal I've ever tried. It's so easy, you can just write one great big, "Had a BAD day!" if you like. Or you can write a several lines detailing what you did or what you ate or who you met. It's perfect for me. If you do have a little too much to write that day, there are rollover pages in the back of the book. So far though 4 lines has been more than enough for me. In fact, I fit much more than I expected in there. One entry tells of my pain level for the day, what my boss said at work, how my husband was feeling and what type of cupcakes I baked! This is probably more than I normally would write in a journal entry because I wasn't intimadated by the aweful blank page syndrome.

Here are some other cool features:
1. Sturdy Leatherette Cover
2. Unique format, every page has a place for 5 years worth of entries for one day making it easy to look back on past years. 
3.Special sections for addresses and important events. 

Thank you to Journal 10 for solving my lifetime journallying crisis! You're product has become one of My Favorite Things!

Sponsorship Disclaimer: A product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own as always. 

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