27 December 2011

Mooshka, A Quilt Story by Julie Pashkis Book Review

When I was little I grew up with my grandmother who sewed. Sewing was part of our daily life so I knew what a quilt really was. I had a quilt that was my blankie from the time I was little until I was practically married. My grandma made my quilt with hand stitched alphabet letters and hours and hours of love. I have a quilt of hers now that she made when I my mom was little. The quilt is over 50 years old and it’s still just as beautiful as ever.

Because of this I’ve always loved quilts. I have grand ideas of making them for my kids. I keep my grandmothers quilt in protective bag that I guard with my life. I love books on quilts and quilt making.
I don’t think there are many kids in this generation that understand what a quilt really is. That a quilt that is something made from scraps of memories and love and hours and hours of time. Now a quilt is something that your mom bought at a department store, if you even have one in the house at all.

That’s why I adore this new children’s book called, Mooshka, A Quilt Story by Julie Pashkis. Mooshka is the blankie and constant companion of a little girl called Karla. Mooshka brings to life for this generation of kids what a quilt is, including the scraps of love and memories. The fact that Mooshka brings together Karla and her new baby sister in the end of the book is just precious. 

The book is written in engaging three to four sentence pages. It’s perfect for reading aloud at night or good for a little one to practice reading themselves.
The artwork in the book in itself is homage to quilts with a lovely piece in the middle of each page featuring Karla with her Mooshka surrounded by a border on every page of colorful patchwork. 

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