5 Upcycled Garden Container Ideas

In case you haven't heard, the new craze (or perhaps not really new) in living green circles is "Upcycling". Which is basically recycling something old into something new and better! Here are some great ideas from around the web on upcyled garden containers.

1. Good as New: Container Garden

This one is just gorgeous, an old colander that you might have thrown in the trash, turned into a lovely hanging plant holder.

How about a planter made from an old book. This one is incredibly unique.

3. Upcycling is Upending A World of Waster

Just beautiful! A old claw-foot tub with mosaic tiles and a festive garden planted inside.

Apparently not even that unique of idea, this is the first time I've seen it though. These upcycled heels are all over the net. 

This one is not one I'd try at home, but it does look nice in the picture. Definitely thinking outside of the box!

For more fun:

Here are 10 creative upcycling ideas for your junkies.

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