15 June 2011

WAHM Interview with Sherell Edwards

I'm so excited to be introducing my first WAHM (Work-At-Home Mom) Interview. This is the first of a series and I hope you're as excited as I am to meet these inspiring Moms. These women raise their kids, take care of their households and hold full-time or part-time work at home jobs. They were so kind to take time out of their busy days to answer my questions. I can't wait for them to inspire you too!

1. First, can you tell us what you’re paying job is? Not to be confused with your best job, being a mom!

A: My paying job is performing as an Independent Contractor for a state health care program. This was actually my first self employed, stay at home job and what has helped to finance my current business ventures.

2. How did you get into your line of work and do you like what you do?

A: Being in business for yourself, has a tendency to lead into other avenues of self employment, which is what exposed me to starting a transportation company and starting my own association. I am a serial entrepreneur at heart, my job is to solve problems and I absolutely "love" what I do.

3. Do you have any exciting plans you’d like to share about your business? Plans to expand? Hire others? A great sale?

A: YES! For the last 7-8 months, I began transitioning my transportation company into the import/export business. I am currently studying for a US customs broker license, expect to expand my workforce by at least two and continue growth in the global markets of international trade. As a matter of fact, we have two items listed on Facebook and through Amazon, that were test market items, that we are selling for incredible prices. Look up AGC Transport & Services LLC (Fan Page) OR Sherell Edwards on Facebook and click on my Payvment E-Commerce Dashboard or agctransport through Amazon for those two items (10 PR Fake Eyelashes-$1.99 & USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader/Writer for Micro SD T-Flash Card-$0.10 plus s/h)

5. How do your kids feel about you working at home? Do you think they are happier than if you worked out of the house?

A: My kids know that I work from home and actually benefit from this quite often when they forget items they need for school, money and the fact that I am available to get to them when necessary. There was a point when they remembered I worked outside the home and asked about that location, but I simply explained why there was a home office and work all over that office and that I was in the home office daily. I believe they have realized the many benefits of my working from home and are much happier.

6. Do you make as much financially working at home as you would in a outside job?

A: 90% of the time I have made more than working an outside job!

7. How do you manage the balance between demands of the kids and demands of the job?

A: One word, SCHEDULE(S). You turn off one and start the other.

8. What do you love about being a work at home mom?

A: I love the flexibility, the money I save by not working outside the home, the improvement in my money management skills and most of all the ability to be available to actually parent my own children (i.e. no sitters, daycare, afterschool program)

Sherell Edwards is the Managing Member of AGC Transport & Services, LLC, an international trading company (www.agctrservices.info) and Founder/CEO of The Christian Women's Leadership Exchange Inc., a national association created to support women in Christian leadership roles (www.leadershipexch.com).

She wields a Class A license as a commercial truck driver while focusing on the growth and development of her companies and business endeavors. She is gaining global notoriety as the published author of "Chronicles of A Broken Spirit", a four volume, non-fiction book series that consists of real journal entries from the author who encounters highs and lows of marriage, divorce, choosing a career, Christianity, parenthood and self-identity. (www.chroniclesofabrokenspirit.webs.com).

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