16 June 2011

Guest Post: LED for a Greener Earth

Lighting is an exciting and crucial part of home decorating, but it does come at a price. Although there have been many advances in technology, many homeowners still use the old time incandescent lights. It is a good source of light, but it does burn more energy without that much visible light that is output. The downfall of the incandescent light came with the advent of the LED and CFL lighting technologies. The better of the two options, if you want it to be cost effective and environmentally friendly is LED.

What is LED Lighting

LED an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, is a light source that can lower the energy consumption of a household and save you money as well. All light bulbs use a technology where it has to be heated up to illuminate light. Unlike LEDs, Incandescent and CFLs yield more energy to do so. This is why LEDs are more efficient as light sources.

The initial cost of an LED light bulb compared to an Incandescent is more expensive, but over the course of time, you can actually save money by using LED lights throughout your home. There are also potential health hazards with Incandescent and Fluorescent bulbs because of the chemicals that reside within the bulb. If you happen to break it, you might come into contact with the dangerous chemicals that can affect your well being.

Not only do LEDs reduce power consumption, but they also last up to 20 times longer than other bulbs. It will help the environment by reducing emissions and waste as well. With the overwhelming energy consumption that has been plaguing our country for many decades, it is important that we be eco-conscience.

If we continue to use up the planets resources in the manner that we do, then we might potentially ruin the earth in a non-reversible way. By changing out your existing light bulbs with LED lights, you can definitely do your part in preserving the Earth. These LED lights can come in the form of recessed lights or track lights. These are in smaller sizes and with the right placement; you can use less without forking out too much money to replace your other light bulbs.

If you want a larger LED light and can afford the higher prices, then there are normal size bulbs that will fit into different fixtures. This gives it the versatility needed for keeping your stylish lighting fixtures. LEDs were also noted for the different colors that it came in and if you want an entertaining room, you can outfit it with colored LEDs that will light up the place in a colorful manner. These are great to use when you host a party or have guests over without burning up the energy all night. If you want the standard white colored light then, there are those LEDs you can use. Overall, lighting is an integral part of life and it is used by every person, which means a lot of energy is burned up to illuminate every person’s daily life. To preserve the Earth’s resources, we can take a small step toward a greener planet by replacing our outdated light bulbs with LEDs.

When you are lighting your home, there are many different aspects that need to be considered. Besides design, function is also important. An alternative source of energy is LED light bulbs. It is saves you money in the long run while preserving the Earth's depleting resources. It can also fit into any sort of light fixture you have, from floor lamps to ceiling lights.

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