The Easiest Way to Cook Rice-A-Roni

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One of the staples in our house is Rice-A-Roni. Yes, I know there are do it yourself versions of this. But I commute 6 hours a day! 3 Hours each way. Rice-A-Roni is a necessity. It's so easy to cook, it's super cheap with coupons and sales and it doesn't just have to be a plain old side dish. The first thing you should know is that you don't need to cook it according to the directions on the box. We always make it in the microwave and we always make every flavor the same way, even though they have different directions for some of them. Here is the easiest way to cook up your Rice-A-Roni.

Easy Rice-A-Roni Directions

Step one: Empty the box of rice, the seasoning package and 2 3/4 cup of water into a microwave safe dish. I use a 1 quart casserole dish.

Step two: Cook on high for 7 minutes. Stir.

Step three: Cook on high for 10 minutes. Fluff with a fork and you're done!

Easy huh?


  1. I need to try this. As a college student without access to a real Kitchen I just assumed Rice a Roni was not a possibility. Will save me a bundle.

  2. These instructions work perfectly, except for Rice-A-Roni Nature's Way--that takes much longer. I ended up doing 7 minutes, then stirring, then 13 minutes, then stirring, then 8 minutes and it was done. YMMV

  3. Didn't work so well for me. Needs less water, might try 2 cups next time. Turned out a bit soupy.

  4. All out of butter and this is all i have to add with dinner for tonight will let ya know how it came out 😊 Thanks!

  5. This works PERFECTLY! You are a lifesaver! Tastes just right and the texture is great. Thank you!!

  6. I tried it, but afterwards i added this following step, and the result was a better taste imo ;)
    Start off by adding 1 to 2 tablespoons butter or margarine (amount and type depending on preference) to the empty container, but into thin slices, then add just the rice, and microwave for one minute. Then stir it, and add the rest, and continue from there.
    The butter adds a LOT to the taste! ^_^