Goodwill Sucks!!

Why is it that certain chain thrift stores who may or may not remain nameless (as long as you don't read the post title) like to rip people off? Visited more than one chain thrift store this weekend looking for a couch. They had couches, of all sizes, shapes and colors, but they were all priced WAY out of thrift store range. The cheapest used couch we found at these stores was $200! $200 for a used, generic couch that is probably older than my oldest grandma? I don't think so.

Luckily we visited our favorite local Thrift Town and scored a used couch in pretty decent shape for only $34. Now on to the re-covering projects...


  1. They do suck but, there are other good ones like St. Vincent De Pauls in the Bay area. They give away free food and some of them will haggle the price with you. You can get a good discount. GoodWill is higher because, it provides jobs for the disabled. I miss St. Vincent de Pauls. I got designer stuff there that has lasted for years dirt cheap. They have Silver and more. Take a trip to Concord, California for great stuff there.

  2. they are over priced and all electric items are junk , who gives a shit who they give $ to they rip us off fuckers