23 November 2009

Product Review: The Couponizer

This is a review that’s a bit overdue. With the holidays and all, I’ve been enjoying my Couponizer for 6 weeks of grocery shopping before I found the time to sit down and write this.

I’ve used numerous coupon organizing systems over the years. The most recent (before the Couponizer) was the binder system. I made my own binder with a zipper school binder and plastic sleeve protectors to hold each weeks coupons, un-cut and organized by the week. I thought this was a pretty good system, because I saved time cutting coupons and I only cut out the ones I needed for the week.

The Couponizer system is definitely much more convenient then this system and better than previous accordion type file system I’ve used.

For $19.95 you get:

(List of items taken from the Couponizer website and confirmed with what I received in my package)

• The Couponizer® – 8" x 5¼" booklet with 18 grocery coupon pockets, 4 generic coupon pockets, 3 gift card/shopper loyalty sleeves, shopping pockets
• Shopping List – 20 page tear off list pad with cardboard backing
• CoupStacker – Pre-sorting mat color coded to match the system pockets
• CoupTracker – 15 page spiral bound list pad with cardboard backing
• Scissors – blunt tip
• Carrying Bag – clear vinyl zippered bag

The first thing I did was open everything up and get it ready. I was really impressed with the size and the pocket organization. There are pockets for things you might not think of such as Entertainment, a space for your shopping list, you savings lists and receipts. There are two pockets in the front, one for the coupons you are going to use on your current shopping trip and a pocket next to it to move coupons to when you have the item in your cart for check out. These have been invaluable organization tools for me as I have a tendency to throw coupons I’m ready to use in the top of my purse and sometimes I lose them or forget to use them on the way through the store.

The initial set-up of my Couponizer took about a bit of time. I had several weeks of un-cut coupons so I would cut a batch, organizer them on the coupon mat and then pop them in the correct slots. Then start with another batch. The coupon mat made the sorting extremely easy and once they were sorted the mat is in the same order as the slots in the book so you just flip through the book and pop them right in. The following weeks cutting and sorting was much faster.

The are many advantages to The Couponizer over previous systems that I’ve used.

First off all, my savings has gone from 15-20% per shopping trip, to 40-69%! Yep, last week I was up to 69% savings using coupons and sales. I never would have done there without the organization of my Couponizer.

I’ve been able to acquire and use many more coupons then I did with my old system. With the binder system, I didn’t have any way to store the misc. coupons I got in the mail and from the store. And once I did store them, I wasn’t able to have them easily on hand. My Couponizer fits in my purse so I’ve been able to take it everywhere and take advantage of clearance prices and sales I didn’t know about.

The organization of the book is excellent. I never have trouble figuring out where to put a coupon or trouble finding it after I’ve sorted it.

The binder comes with a plastic zipper case that fits the binder, a small pair of scissors (included) and misc. papers such as shopping lists and stray coupons that need to be filed.

I would definitely recommend this both for personal use and a gift! At $19.95, you can’t beat the price. I saved more than that in my first shopping trip using the Couponizer.

The company was nice enough to send me an extra Couponizer to give away to my readers. Watch my posts today for a giveaway contest!

Sponsorship Disclaimer:
This is not a paid review. However, the company was kind enough to provide me a free review copy of the product. Thanks!

(I apologize for the terrible pictures below. They were taken in very bad lighting with my camera phone)

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