Fake Healthy Foods - Foods to Avoid!

Guess what! In the last 10 days I've lost 13lbs! I've done it via a strict KETO diet. In researching KETO, I've found a lot of other good things about nutrition I wish I'd known sooner. The products below don't have anything to do with the KETO diet, however, they good be foods you THINK you should eat, because they bill themselves as healthy. However, they're are fakes! Pretenders! Stay away from these faux healthy foods below.

banana chips

Banana Chips

So tasty! However, they are normally deep friend and include extra sugar and fake flavoring. Stay away from these, if you want banana chips, bake your own in the oven!

Gluten Free Snacks

Many of these processed foods include a lot of refined additives and are not healthy. Unless you really NEED those pretzels or cookies in your diet, try homemade snacks or fruit instead.

Dried Fruit

These are PACKED with sugar and preservatives. Avoid these all together and eat fresh fruit or dry your own in a dehydrator. An inexpensive dehydrator is easy to obtain on Amazon and is good for making so many healthier snack alternatives.


Some yogurts have tons of sugar! I love yogurt and would never think of giving it up, but avoid the sugar overload by using plain Greek yogurt, add fruit and a drizzle of honey for a much more nutritious option.


Extremely processed and more fructose than high fructose corn syrup. SKIP the agave or use in moderation. Other sugar alternatives like honey are a better option.

Vegan Mayo

Tons of inflammatory here. SKIP Vegan mayo, just because it says Vegan doesn't mean it's great for you. Try making your own avocado or olive oil may as a better Clean Eating option.

Rice Cakes

They're made with white rise which can actually spike your blood sugar and create fat. Super high in carbs and very little nutrients.

Super Food Powers

Total waste of money here. They're very expensive and you're better off eating whole foods like fruits and vegetables for a non-processed option.


This is just refined  wheat unless you buy a Whole Grain variety. It's just like eating white pasta. Waste of carbs and very little nutrients.

For your health sakes, skip ALL of these and look for whole, unprocessed foods for better nutrition. 

Free Bacon and Butter KETO Low Carb Cookbook

Just started the Keto diet and I've lost 13lbs in 2 weeks! I'm so excited. I'm ordering everything KETO in site. Thought I'd share this latest one I found, because it's totally free!!

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Sustainable Zero Waste Hacks - Cheap Ways to Reduce Your Trash

So we are far from Zero Wasters, to many animals and country living projects. However, we do live
in the country and our once a week garbage service will only pick up a tiny can. The nearest transfer station to bring our trash to is an hour a way. On top of that we do love the environment so we really do want to reduce the amount of waste that goes out of our house. Here are some of my top Tips for reducing the waste/trash in your home!

zero waste

What Can Be Recycled

A lot of people don't know that you can recycle more than just bottles and cans. You can recycle all sorts of plastics and metals. Although you won't get cash back for all of them, they can be recycled, sometimes even through your current local garbage company. If you live in California like I do, check out the CalRecycle website for more information on what and where to recycle. If you don't look live in California, just do a google search on "what can be recycled" for local options or contact your local garbage disposal company for more information.

Get Inspired 

There are numerous bloggers and Instagram accounts that share their Zero Waste lifestyle online. I've learned so many new tips and tricks on reducing my waste just from following them and checking in once and a while. Here are some of my favorites.

Stop Using Plastic Grocery Bags

This may seem like an obvious one, but it's also so easy to do. In California, many cities have outlawed bags or charge for plastic bags at the checkout to force you to bring your own. However, even if they haven't, it's so easy to get about 10 re-useable bags to keep with you in the car whenever you shop. No bags to throw away and no bag charge! You can make your own grocery bags or if you're not too crafty, just by a nice set off Amazon. Here are a few of my faves this year:

Use a Re-Useable Portable Water Bottle

Use a glass mason jar with lid or stainless steel bottle for carrying your water and drinks in the car. It's better for the environment and doesn't leach toxins into your drinks. I personally prefer a glass mason jar, but a stainless steel is perfectly fine and won't break. Plus you only need one for each person in the household, if they re-fill it all day, less dishes for you to wash!

Re-Use Glass Jars, Tin Cans and Other Containers

I have a garden for growing vegetables for the family as well as growing seedlings to sell. I cover tow bases by re-using tin cans, glass jars and plastic food containers to plant seedlings in. The containers don't make it to the trash or recycling cans and I don't have to buy plastic seedling containers.

Carry a Food Container with You

When I got to a restaurant I NEVER finish my whole meal. Even on this low carb/Keto diet I'm on. I always want to bring food home with me. A great tip for reducing take out plastic is to just bring your own re-useable containers for leftovers. Tin bento boxes, Tupperware you already have or a lunch box works great for this.