5 Ways to Save Money on a New Mattress


Buying a new mattress is a serious matter. Not only are mattresses expensive, but they're expected to last as long as ten years. The wrong purchase could, quite literally, cost you peace nights of rest for years to come. In a perfect world, you'd spend eight hours every night on your mattress. You may not be getting that much down time, but you should still do your best to find the right mattress at the right price.

Ignore the Marketing Hype

Don't believe any of the marketing buzz words you hear about mattresses. A mattress is such a personal purchase that no one can tell you what will work best for you. In fact, mattresses are not even rated by consumer reports because there is so much variation in public opinion over every model. Things like memory foam or adjustable firmness may seem desirable for you, but the marked up price may not be worth it. Don't believe the hype, and simply follow your instincts when you shop.

Look for a Tight Weave

Some more expensive mattresses are sold on the ornate patterns that cover their outer layers. Nothing could be a bigger waste of money. You're going to keep your mattress constantly covered with sheets and blankets, so why should you be concerned about its appearance? Instead, look for a tightly woven cover material. Loose stitching will unravel and allow padding to shift around, creating uncomfortable lumps in your mattress. Look for a tight weave that will last a long time.

Test Out Several Models

When you go out shopping for mattresses, dress comfortably and give yourself adequate time to test out several models. You should spend a good fifteen minutes relaxing on a trial mattress in various sleeping positions to see how well you can relax on it. Start with the lower priced models, then try a few of the more expensive mattresses. Take note of any differences in comfort. You may find that a cheaper mattress actually feels better for you.

Haggle for a Lower Price

Mattress prices are typically marked up significantly, but they're also highly negotiable. Too many shoppers make the mistake of thinking that list prices are etched in stone. In fact, the average salesperson would rather trim the price of any mattress in the store than risk losing a sale altogether. Take a lesson from your elders and learn how to haggle. Negotiating will help you and your salesperson reach an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. Both of you will sleep better knowing you've secured a good deal.

 Look for Online Sales

Don't limit yourself to what you see in stores. If you can't get a good price on a mattress from local retailers, consider shopping online. Websites like offer the most competitive mattress prices in the industry. Unfortunately it's more difficult to try before you buy when you shop online, but you might come across mattresses you've tried out in stores when you check online retailers. This can land you the perfect mattress at near factory direct prices.

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Budget Friendly Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

beauty products

In a perfect world, all of us would look our best at all times. And while the reality is that on some days we tend to be more "exceptionally stunning" than others, sometimes what prevents us from putting our best face forward is our simply budgets. Yet, did you know that when it comes to beauty products, many of the ingredients that you need to make them are already in your own house?

Do you want some homemade beauty recipes that you can go into your kitchen or bathroom and make just as soon as you finish reading this article? If so, this your lucky day.

Make your own lip gloss

All of us want our lips to look soft and supple. If you're someone who uses lip gloss to do it, there are all kinds of online recipes that can show you how to make some from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a little beeswax, castor oil and shea butter, mixed with some food coloring or (even better) chocolate. Heat it up, let it cool and you'll have a nice batch of lip gloss that didn't cost you anything but time.

Whiten your teeth

Some people spend hundreds of dollars to have their teeth professionally whitened when the truth is that they can get it almost that bright for a couple of dollars. If you have some hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash in your bathroom cabinet, make a half and half solution and brush your teeth with it for two minutes. In a couple of days, you'll have a result that can easily rival some of the popular commercial whitening brands.

Deep condition your hair

If your hair is dry and brittle, while you could spend several dollars on a deep conditioning treatment, here's something that we recommend you trying first: coconut oil. Just by putting 3-4 tablespoons into a cup with one tablespoon of honey and heating it in the microwave for 15-30 seconds, you will have made a conditioner that will restore your hair's glow while sealing its ends.

Lose your wrinkles

What is it that they say? "An apple a day keeps the doctors away", right? Well, in looking for an anti-aging tip, here's something else that apples help to do: they also help to keep your wrinkles at bay. That's right. By combining one teaspoon of apple, lemon and lime juice, two tablespoons of buttermilk, one tablespoon of rosemary, 3 seedless grapes, ¼ pear and two eggs whites, you are able to create an anti-wrinkle cream that has a shelf-life of four days. All you need to do is apply it, let it dry and rinse it off with cold water. The acid from the fruits will work wonders.

Make your own body scrub

When our skin is exfoliated, it helps to unclog our pores, remove dead skin and soften every area of our body. You can make your own body scrub by combining 1 ¼ cup of brown (or raw) sugar with 7 tablespoons of coconut oil and 20 drops of essential vanilla oil. As you can see by the ingredients, not only will it smooth your skin, but it can be a delicious way (literally) to do it.

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Elixir by Hilary Duff


First the funny part. When I first picked this up, I didn't even notice the author name. My husband saw the book sitting there on a table and said, "Why are you reading a book by Hilary Duff?". I said, "It's not THAT Hilary Duff."
The funny part.. it is THAT Hilary Duff. This is a fun, teen paranormal romance written by the smiley blonde actress and singer best known for her long running role as Lizzie McGuire. 

Elixir is a bit of a mystery at first. It starts with a very mature, self-sufficient teen who's recovering from the recent loss of her father. She's a world traveler, photo-journalist and party time party girl whose very surprised to find her destiny is much bigger than she ever imagined. 

This is the first in the Elixir trilogy by Hilary Duff and after reading this, I can't wait to read the next one. It's very quick paced and exciting for a romance. The characters are well - developed and relateable. The villains are not really drawn out well so I'm hoping to hear from them further in the sequel. This first book is a lot of set up and character development, but it has enough action and suspense to keep you reading. 

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