15 September 2019

What I'm Reading (September 2019)

I like to read. That's an understatement, I like to read ALOT! It's currently two weeks into September, and these are the books I've finished so far. I love them all! I would highly recommend working your way through this list if your thinking about starting your own business, side hustle, or building a personal or business brand.

Brittany Hennessy

Received Influencer by Brittany Hennessy in my Sparkle Hustle Grow box this month. I'm glad I did because it wasn't one I would have picked on my own. Brittany is brilliant! Her writing is just chunk after chunk of goodness. Each chapter drops another pearl of information in your lap that will increase your ability to build your brand successfully on social media. The best part is she helps you avoid the mistakes you may be making if collaborating with big brands is on your goal list.

Rachel Hollis

I somehow came upon Girl, Wash Your Face while searching new books in Amazon and I'm so glad I did. This is the first book I've read of hers and I loved every minute of it. Her honest and straightforward talk will reach out to the heart of any woman looking to reach for her goals. 

A Shame-Free Plan For Embracing And Achieving Your Goals
Rachel Hollis

Once you read Girl, Wash Your Face, you're going to want move right along and read Girl, Stop Apologizing. Rachel manages to avoid repeated content from her original book, while still providing enough of a personal touch to make you really stand up and get inspired to set out some new life goals. 

funny stories, Pretty DIY Projects
Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is Kate Albrecht's lifestyle brand, and A Hot Glue Gun Mess is an exciting combo of DIY craft book and memoir. Kate is irreverent in a joyful way. Each chapter is a candid short story from her life that can range from a memory of her friendship with Sarah Jessica Parker to a one-night stand with Tiger Woods. The DIY projects are an equally quirky mix of makeup and hair tips and jewelry and furniture projects. Although this book is not a typical success and entrepreneur book, it's both a funny and relaxing read and an inspiration to live honestly. 

Unleashing the Entrepreneur
Lisa Messenger

Daring & Disruptive was my least favorite out of the list, but only because she focuses more on the book publishing industry, which I'm not currently tied into. Her insights are thoughtful and her writing style is casual and a quick read. If you have a strong interest in product-related business, Lisa's book is going to be a must on your to-read list. 

Transform The Way You Work
Julie Ball

My new recent subscription box love is Julie Ball's Spark Hustle Grow Box. I have a video unboxing you can take a look at. The success she has at her subscription book box business inspired me to read her short book, The Happy Hustle. Although it's very short, it's worth the read and the inexpensive Amazon price tag. 

Most of these can be found in your local library, and if not, I've linked the Amazon link under each book. If you have read any of these, comment below, what did you like or dislike about them?

09 August 2019

Saving Money and Giving To Others

saving money piggy bank and dollars

We all work hard and usually work at least forty hours to make ends meet. Depending on your expenses, some are working two jobs. You get your paycheck and earmarked to spend before you get it. Being able to save a little is not easy on a tight budget. Most people don't have any money saved at all. The less you make, the more it's essential to save money for emergencies. One you make saving a goal, it will happen.
If your income stops, what would you do? If you get hurt and can't work, you need to have money saved to pay your bills.

Budget for Saving

The rule for saving is to have at least three month's amount to pay living expenses. Calculate all your bills for one month, and that's what you need to save for three months. This may be $1,000 or $3,500. Whatever the amount, you need to have at least 1-3 months worth saved. This savings nest egg is very important to start. Putting in $20 per pay period is also good. If you save $20 for one year, you have $480 saved, but your most important goal is to have three months of expenses in your savings account.

Remember how important it is to have some money saved to cover unexpected events if your income stops. The habit of saving works best if you start small and don't miss putting the money in. You don't see it, and then you forget about it as it grows. It's like a seed you plant. It starts to grow. Once you begin to save, it will become easier to do. You will find yourself automatically saving a portion of your money. Saving like this is a great habit that can start young. Teaching your kids how to save is an excellent start for them.


There is a strong connection between being organized and saving money. When you and calculate expenses and income for your budget, you are organizing. You have to be organized to make a budget and start to save. Another benefit of learning to save. Being organized can also improve your life.

The Benefits of Giving

In addition to being able to save money, you need to use your money to help and uplift others. One of the ways you could help someone is by giving them an award. You can give someone recognition for their hard work, a teacher you remember, or a nurse who took care of you. This shows them your appreciation of their kindness and hard work. You can buy them flowers and give them a card with money inside. You could actually get them an award with something engraved on it. Crystal awards from edco.com are beautiful, and the recipients love them. This is a great way to reward that person that has helped you.