Quick Summer Hair Tips from Tony Odisho

How about some quick tips on summer hair?

This gorgeous Labor Day hairstyle is super easy to achieve and requires just three things: 
the Ostia Collection Flexible Hold Hairspray, a Tony Odisho Curling Iron, and a cute bandana. Better still, it can be styled two different ways for two adorable BBQ ready looks!

Step 1 - Prep the Hair

Spray some Flexible Hold Hairspray on dry hair before beginning to style it. This will give hair a workable hold while protecting it against heat.


Step 2 - Curl it

Add some loose curls using the Tony Odisho Infrared Curling Iron. This will give the hair some extra volume and texture.

Step 3 - Rake Through

Using your fingers or a wide tooth comb, rake through the curls to break them up and make them more piecy.

Step 4 - Tease It

If you still feel like it could use some more volume, tease the hair on the crown with a rat tail comb.


Step 5 - Braid It

Starting with two small pieces of hair on the crown, begin to create a fishtail braid. All you have to do is keep the pieces small, and gather one piece from each side of the head crossing them over one another and making your way down to the nape of the neck. Hold in place with rubber band.


Step 6 - Pull Out Some Pieces

Use the end of a rat tail comb, pull some small, face-framing pieces out of the braid.

Step 8 - Accessorize!

You can accessorize this braided low pony with a cute, patriotic red bandana (or bandana of your choice) in two different ways.

Option 1 - Tie it on the bottom of the fishtail, above the pony.

Option 2 - Tie it into a headband


Stomp Rocket Toy Review

stomp rocket

About Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rocket has recently released their new Stunt Planes version of their toy. The stunt planes are 100% kid powered. You run jump and stomp on the stomp pad to launch the rocket or plane in the air. In this version you get 3 stunt planes that you launch with kid power. 

Review of Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rocket is a pretty reasonable price on Amazon for only $29.99. This is pretty average for an out door toy like this that provides a lot of interaction. I'm pleased with it's durability and it works just as advertised. It's a great alternative to the dangerous SDS rockets we launch as kids which could harm your kid or other peoples kids. This one is totally safe and good for even younger kids as long as they have the strength to launch it or they're willing to get a little help launching. The dogs enjoyed fetching the rockets back, just don't allow them to keep them or you'll have rocket shaped dog chews! Cute, fun, interactive toy for summer!

Disclaimer: A free Stomp Rocket was provided for my review purposes.


What No One Tells You About Chickens

raising chickens

Chickens Are an Investment

Chickens are a bit of an investment. When we first got chickens, we got baby chicks. We thought, the chickens are only $1.99 each! Easy start up. It turns out you need special water dispensers, feeders and a place to safely keep them. We bought a plastic bin, that then needed to be upgraded to bigger and bigger sizes. You also need wood chips and a heater. Luckily, once you get all of these things you can use them again for your next batch of chicks. Once the chickens get bigger, you'll need a regular chicken coop, wire to keep them a yard, straw and bigger feeders and a bigger water dispenser.

Chickens Are Funny

Chickens are so funny. They're just goofy. Try feeding them cooked spaghetti noodles and watch them run around stealing them from each other. If you socialize them when they are little, they will run up and give you love later on. They cackle and laugh at each other, get stuck dust holes and get run over by their friends. They're just goofy little birds and so sweet! Give them some chicken toys and build them a cheap playground out of 1:1's and they'll entertain themselves for hours. 
Chickens Are Cheap to Raise

Chicken Math Exists

Have you ever heard of chicken math? If you haven't google it. Basically it means that you can't just buy 1 or 2 chickens. Once you buy 2, they become an addiction. We started with 6 and now we have 12 and we're about to add 6 more. Chickens are like Pringles, you can't have just one!

chicken math

If you want to know more about raising chickens, stay tuned for more Chicken articles..

Do you have chickens, if so how many?